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                To evaluate the gas uptake of your polymer, have a SCREENING TEST now.

                What does that mean?

                You send a small sample of your polymer to our laboratory. Our specialists examine whether and how much gas your polymer can absorb and whether it is suitable for physical foaming.

                You will receive an analysis for:

                • Gas uptake
                • Equilibration phase
                • Equilibrium phase and the
                • Perfoamer holding pressure

                With this information, we can adjust the perfoamer exactly to your material in the following field tests.



                The Screening Test


                The adjustable holding pressure ensures that Perfoamer provides gas-loaded polymer of constant quality over the processing period.

                The Perfoamer makes defined quantities of this gas-loaded polymer of constant quality available to the injection molding machines with the help of its integrated delivery unit. To do this, a suction conveyor device transports the polymer to the injection molding machine.

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                The advantages at a glance:

                The screening test gives you precise knowledge about:

                • Gas uptake of the polymer over time
                • temporal course of the equilibration phase
                • necessary holding pressure in the perfoamer to ensure process stability at all times!

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                PPP Perfoamer



                What are you waiting for?

                Book your screening test now and let us work for you!

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                - Your Perfoamer Team, ProTec Polymer Processing